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About Vert

"According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2018, people spent only 15.2 billion plastic bags for shopping, with an average of 660 per person per year. But the recycling rate was less than 10%."

Proposals to reduce plastic and strive for a better environment for a better planet

Plastic packaging is a hard-to-degrade material, which is particularly damaging to the soil and the ocean. To reduce plastic bags, you can no longer passively rely on policy promotion. So, we are thinking, what can we do "actively" to reduce plastic?

The English "Vert" of natural paper means "this is grass" and the leaves are green. Not only for the image of environmental protection and sustainability, but also the deepest hobbies in my heart. I love the mountains and forests, and my eyes are endlessly full of green, and I don't want them to fade away ...

Paper packaging can be degraded, recycled, burned, and has a small burden on the environment. Large foreign kraft paper mills have completed industrial upgrading. In addition to environmental protection in the papermaking process, integrated forest pulp production is used, combined with artificial afforestation Consumption is minimized. As a part of the industry, I know that you also want to contribute to the environment and pass on the values ​​of a friendly environment to consumers. Starting from changing consumer packaging, natural paper is with you, even a small amount will be You print!

Sharing and human interaction make the world a better place

Founder A is a designer, who loves tea, coffee, and exquisiteness, and insists on nature. He happened to share a studio with the founder B, who runs the inheritance, so he collided with this one, with design, illustration, paper art, Green and creative natural paper.

When Natural Paper was established, we found that there were more friends with the same ideas around us who needed help. Apparel, snack shops, chicken cakes, and even friends from restaurants and stalls. The enthusiasm of the idea is like candlelight, which is lit up one by one in the dark night. Natural paper not only sells packaging, but also gathers a group of people who are looking forward to changing the world.

As long as you add a little clever design to the paper packaging, you can have exclusive special packaging materials, environmentally friendly and creative! So we expanded our external services so that more partners in need can find us. Natural Paper continues to develop new packaging, adhering to the spirit of helping friends find a way. As long as you have needs, please contact us!

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