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Delivery pickup problem

Q1. What are the delivery methods?

1. Swipe online.

2. ATM remittance

3. Convenience store pick-up payment, less than 6,000 yuan.

There are three ways listed above, the fixed freight is 120 yuan, 10,000 free shipping, wholesale customers can not apply free shipping activities.

4. Cash on delivery (shipping is 120 yuan)

The goods will be sent by home delivery. The range of home delivery is currently limited to the island of Taiwan. If you use a convenience store to pick up the payment, the goods will be delivered to the store you specify and send a pick-up notification letter to notify you to pick up the goods. It will be delivered by post office, sorry for any inconvenience.

Free shipping activity does not include customized and wholesale orders.


Q2. How to change the order content, delivery address or cancel the order?

1. If you are using online credit card or ATM remittance, when the order is completed, please call to notify, if the goods have been sent out, you will not be able to change or cancel it.

2. If you use the convenience store to pick up the payment, after the order is completed, you will not be able to change or cancel the order for you. Please confirm whether the order content is correct before placing the order.

Q3. Can other countries and Taiwan's outer islands be shipped?

1. Foreign buyers should place orders in accordance with the general credit card payment procedures. If they are unavailable, use the overseas credit card PAYPAL, you can contact us by letter or letter.

2. Shipping service for overseas and Taiwan's outer islands, freight charges need to be calculated separately, please contact us by letter or letter.


1. There is no 7-day appreciation service overseas. NANNAN will check and test the integrity of the product before it is sent out, but the delivery process cannot be controlled because the goods are sent remotely. If the product is damaged or defective, it must be replaced, or If there are any problems during the warranty period, you will have to pay for the return shipping.

2. Outer island and overseas orders will help you calculate the shipping cost within three days, and notify you by letter to pay to the exclusive page. After NANNAN confirms, you will ship within three working days.

3.NANNAN is cooperating with the post office for international express delivery service, so it must be the post office's delivery location. For the delivery location, please go to the post office website (HTTP://WWW.POST.GOV.TW/POST/INDEX.JSP) Inquiry.


Q4. How long does it take to receive after ordering?

The normal shipping time is: place an order before AM10: 00 today, and pick it up tomorrow.

PS: We do not ship on Sundays and holidays. Orders that exceed the daily deadline will have to wait one more day.


Q5. How to pick up the goods at the store?

After receiving the "Notice of Delivery of Goods" or a newsletter, please go to your designated store to pick up the goods and inform the clerk of your name, and pay the amount of the goods. Friends can also get it.


Q6. What should I do if I don't pick up the goods within the collection period?

If you pick up the goods overdue, the goods will be returned and the order will be automatically cancelled. If you still need it, please order again.

PS: If you did not pick up the goods at the designated door within the notice period, the company has the right to suspend your account and refuse you to use this service.


Q7. Can the store order modify the delivery store or pickup time?

Because the pick-up and shopping process of Chaoshang stores must be connected to the Chaoshang order system, if you complete the selection of Chaoshang stores, you can no longer change the stores and pick-up time!

Q8. Didn't receive the "Notice of Goods Arrival" and newsletter?

If you have not received the "Notice of Delivery to the Store", it may be due to uncertain factors such as network conditions, insufficient mailbox capacity, and whether the server is operating normally. If you do not receive the SMS notification, it may be due to the unsatisfactory reception in your location and the full storage capacity of the mobile SMS. 

Q9. I have received the pickup but received the "Notice of Pickup Reminder" or SMS?

Because the "collection reminder notification letter" and the newsletter are set to be sent in a unified manner in the system, mainly to remind you to pick up the goods.

Q10. What is "Logistic Center Check-out"?

It means that the product you ordered cannot be delivered by the logistics due to various reasons such as the management problem of the store. When the store system reports this message, the order will be automatically canceled. Please go online again to place the order again.


Q11. When picking up the goods at the store, the store staff said that there is no my product, what should I do?

If you have received the "Notice of Goods Arrival at the Store", and go to the store to pick up the goods according to the date, but you cannot successfully receive the goods, please contact customer service staff so that we can check the flow of goods for you as soon as possible.

In addition, sending a "Notice of Delivery to the Store" and a text message to notify you to pick up the goods at the store means that the store system responds to confirm that the goods have been signed.

1. But the store clerk made some mistakes during the shift, causing you to tell the store that the goods have not been delivered to the store.

2. The store has lost the goods, so you cannot find the goods for you to pick up, and tell you that the goods have not been delivered to the store.

Q12. Can I return / replace items at the store?

No other services for store return / replacement have been provided. If you find any problems, please write to us.

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