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Frequently Asked Questions


1. The order is placed directly on the website. After sending the order, the staff confirms the order and confirms the payment method before the order is considered successful.

2. For customized or printed products, please contact customer service directly to discuss, and then just order goods according to customer service.

3. The minimum order quantity is 1 piece. Depending on the situation, the minimum order quantity of some products is different.

4. Products cannot be shipped in batches at different time points (more than 30 days).

5. If you need to ship at a separate point, we will charge an increased freight.

6. Looking at the sample, it is recommended to pay the logistics fee to obtain the printed sample package. The blank version can be purchased online for a small amount. The large-scale customers see the sample according to the item.

7. Inquiry can be MAIL: or LINE, but because the customer service of each department is different, it is better not to repeatedly ask a single window.

8. A small number of working days 7 days, a large number of 20-30 days, please contact customer service directly for customized payment or urgent items.

1. The website accepts credit cards, cash on delivery, payment for the whole family's super merchant pickup, and payment at the store.

2. How to calculate the freight? Online purchase of 1 piece orders 120 yuan, free shipping over 10,000, order customers from 120 yuan, depending on the quantity and the number of boxes.

3. For large cargo customers, please use the remittance method. For urgent orders and orders below 6000 yuan, please pay in full. The deposit is usually 50% of the total amount, and the production will start after receipt.

4. After the remittance, please notify us by phone or mail and inform the last five digits of the account number. If you have any products, please remember to return the recipient's information, name, phone and address.

1. Please upload the files by mail first. It is recommended to provide AI files. For pictures, please provide clear and unambiguous pictures, and explain the products and quantities you want to buy.

2. Adding words, retouching the white background, tracing, and possibly charging related fees according to difficulty.

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