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Work process

Customized process

Mainly for the paper bag category, please wait for 20-30 days for large quantities of more than 300P, please contact customer service for delivery.
Or directly to Inquiry for (please provide requirements in detail, thank you).


01. Decide the order quantity:
If the following 02-04 question is unclear, please call 04-23200381, we can provide suggestions.

02. Decide the product:
Paper products, apron, T-shirts, stickers...etc.

03. Decide whether you need to order and print:

Discuss with the business in detail and confirm the details such as the required delivery date.
(Conscientious suggestion: because there are many customers who are in business contact and discussion, it is easy to spend more time serving, so they will not respond to other customers immediately. I hope that each customer can be more considerate and do not urge the response or quotation from time to time. Impression. Thank you)

04. File transfer:

Logo. Pattern, size and color description (AI file or JPG file, resolution above 300dpi. It is better to have a simulation picture).
If you have added LINE discussion: the file can be directly uploaded to LINE.
Customers contacted by email, and then send the file to the email.


01. Quotation:
Printing and detailed discussion (if it is better to provide pictures) → process and delivery time finalized

02. Place an order
Return quotation → place a 50% deposit → start production → delivery → pay the final payment
full payment situation: any product order quantity is less than 50 and urgent case

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