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Kraft snack flat paper bag

Kraft snack flat paper bag
-Product Desciption- product name : 50G Cowhide straight three-dimensional paper bag / carton Size: (WxH)cm#1 PT01M2127  21x27cm#2 PT01M1822 18.6x22.5cm#3 PT01M1817 18.6x17cm#4 PT01M1521 15x21cm#5 PT01M1317 13.8x17cm#6 ..
NT 2,363
-Product Desciption- product name : Vent hole red bean cake paper bag/ carton Size:  (WxH)cm19.7x17cm Material: This cowhide Quantity:5000 pcs / carton Online consultation Mass-made LINE ID: ..
NT 2,200
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