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White greaseproof paper flat bag carton 3 sizes

White greaseproof paper flat bag  carton  3 sizes
White greaseproof paper flat bag carton 3 sizes
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Suitable for all kinds of snacks, deep-fried goods, items, scallion pancakes, omelette grills and other foods, high temperature 120 degrees, made in Taiwan

-Product Desciption-

product name  White greaseproof paper flat bag / carton


#1 PT13W+1317-W13.8xH17cm

#2 PT13W+1817-W18.6xH17cm

#3 PT13W+1315-W13.8xH15cm

Material: Oil-resistant paper 
Temperature resistance:120°C 

Quantity:5000 pcs / carton

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